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This week...

18th September 2016 :  25th Sunday Ordinary Time (Yr C). "Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor."

  • Sunday Masses:

   Nowra: Vigil 6pm, 8.00am, 9.30am & 6.00pm
   Berry: 8.00am
   Bomaderry: 9.30am
   Culburra: Vigil 6.00pm  
   Vincentia: Vigil 6.00pm & 9.30am 
   Kangaroo Valley: 11.00am

  • Weekday Masses:

    Mon 7.00am, Tues/Wed/Thurs 8.15am
                Fri 7.00am, (Holy Hour 10.30am) and 11.30am;  Sat 9.00am
    Berry: Tues 5.30pm
    Culburra: Thurs 5.30pm
    Vincentia: Mon/Thurs/Fri 8.00am; Tues/Wed 5.30pm
    Kangaroo Valley: Tues/Thur 9.00am; Wed 7.00am
    Shoalhaven Heads:  Fri 3.30pm 
  • Confession/Reconciliation
    Nowra: Sat 9.30-10.30am & 5.00-5.30pm
    Berry: Tues 6.00pm
    Kangaroo Valley:
    Sat 4.30-5.00pm
    Culburra: Sat 5.30pm
    Vincentia: Sat 5.00–5.30pm

We prayerfully remember those who died recently; We prayerfully remember those who died recently;        Don Body, Rex Batey (Bulli formerly Culburra,) Twanny Abela (Malta).  Also, Tony Garnuszek, Emanuel & Carmen Abela, Ray Abood, and Bill Harris, whose anniversaries occur.  May they rest in eternal peace.  We offer our very sincere sympathy and prayers to Maureen Williams and her family on the unexpected   death of her sister, Monnie, in Sydney on Wednesday.

  • SVdP Doorknock Appeal ~ The amount raised to date is $7,789.00.  We have also received a wonderful donation of $13,576.62 raised by the efforts of the students, teachers and parents of St. John the Evangelist High School Nowra, with various activities.  Many thanks.

Over the past week approximately 110 children from our Parish will make their first Reconciliation. In this regard we acknowledge our very dedicated Teachers and Catechists who helped prepare the children for the Sacrament. At St Michael’s School the teachers are: Sandrine Butler, Tracee Cinello, and Stephanie Jakimyszn. Our Catechists are:  Judy Rusgnach, (Bay and Basin), Frances Fairs and Rickie Gilligan, (Nowra) Greg Troy (Berry), Jeanette Easton. (Culburra), Trish Sherborne and Anne Dynon (Kangaroo Valley).

  • THIS WEEKEND ~ THE BISHOP’S SPECIAL COLLECTION to support those sick, retired and elderly clergy who have served us well. It is also the responsibility of the Diocese to provide funding for the training of our next generation of clergy. “I would be grateful for your consideration of these needs and for your generous support,” says our Bishop, Peter Ingham. Your contributions to the loose money in the 2nd Collection will go to this Appeal. Thank you.

Nowra Samaritan Group ~ Our sincere thanks to those generous parishioners who have already volunteered to help in a number of ways. If you are able to help in any way, please add your name and contact details on the green volunteer sheet at the church doors, or contact one of the names on the flyer. With our grateful thanks, Nowra Samaritan Group


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