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This week...

26 February 2017: 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A). "Rest in God alone, my soul."


  • Sunday Masses:

   Nowra: Vigil 6pm, 8.00am, 9.30am & 6.00pm
   Berry: 8.00am
   Bomaderry: 9.30am
   Culburra: Vigil 6.00pm  
   Vincentia: Vigil 6.00pm & 9.30am
   Kangaroo Valley: 11.00am

  • Masses During the Week:

    Mon 7.00am, Tues/Wed/Thurs 8.15am
                Fri 7.00am, (Holy Hour 10.30am) and 11.30am;  Sat 9.00am
    Berry: Tues 5.30pm
    Culburra: Thurs 5.30pm
    Vincentia: Mon/Thurs/Fri 8.00am; Tues/Wed 5.30pm
    Kangaroo Valley: Mon/Tues/Thur 9.00am; Wed 7.00am
    Shoalhaven Heads: Fri 3.30pm

Nowra: Sat 9.30-10.30am & 5.00-5.30pm
Culburra: Sat 5.30pm
Vincentia: Sat 5.00–5.30pm


ASH WEDNESDAY: March 1st Mass Times:

A Day of Fast and Abstinence

Nowra: 7.00am, 11.30am and 7.00pm

Culburra: 8.00am

Berry: 6.30pm                 K Valley: 9.00am

Vincentia: 8.00am & 5.30pm


A Day of Fast & Abstinence - All who have completed their 18th year & have not yet begun their 60th year are bound to fast.
All who have completed their 14th year are bound to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday & Good Friday.
Project Compassion material will be available on Sunday next.






 2017 Bulletins