About us


About St Michael's Parish

Welcome to St Michael's Parish. We exist to serve the people of God, leading them closer in union to Jesus Christ, especially through the celebration of the sacraments and pastoral care. We hope that you will find a place of welcome and peace whether you are a visitor or parishioner.

Our Vision

We, the parish of St Michael's, strive to create a faith community that is centred on the person of Jesus Christ, and to give living expression to the Gospel.

Our Mission

In seeking to achieve this vision we endeavour to be:

  • a community of hospitality
  • a community of faith and prayer
  • a community characterised by compassion and forgiveness
  • a community of disciples

Parish Prayer

Heavenly Father,
Send your Holy Spirit upon us the people of St Michael's parish.
Fill our minds and hearts with your love.
In the mystery of your divine plan, give us vision to seek your truth, and grant us the strength
and courage to lovingly accept your will.
Give us guidance in the decisions we must make, so that in all we do, we do it for the honour
and glory of your Name.
Help us to see that what we must build is not just brick and stone, but love, compassion and
understanding among all people.
In your love, hear our prayer and vision and guidance, which we make through the intercession
of St Michael, our patron, and in the name of Jesus, who is Lord for ever and ever. Amen
St Michael the Archangel: Pray for us.