Mission and Outreach

Mission & Outreach

Christianity isn't just about having a great relationship with God. If we are to follow Jesus, then we become brother and sister to all humanity and stewards of God's creation. Jesus' outreach was extraordinary in his short life. He reached out to the poor and dispossessed, those who were outcast from their community. His outreach extended to those considered insignificant by the standards of his culture - the widow and child.


Description: CatholicCare, provides family and relationship counselling, grief counselling; and family and relationship education programs to assist adults, children and young people develop and enhance healthy relationships and wellbeing. Go to www.catholiccare.dow.org.au  to see the courses being offered.
Location: 55 Worrigee St, Nowra.
Contact: Ph 4227 1122 (Wollongong)

Pastoral Care Team

Description: Pastoral Care Ministers are trained to compassionately attend to the emotional and spiritual needs of people who would like to be supported, or people who are sick, grieving, housebound, or in nursing homes.
Contact: Phone the Parish Centre ::  4423 1712; or Ron D'Souza :: 4441 5723 (Bay & Basin), if you know a person in the parish who would like to be visited by a Pastoral Care Minister.
Member Details: Phone CatholicCare :: 4254 9331 if you are interested in training to be a Pastoral Care Minister.


Parish Disability Connections

Description: The group aims to provide friendship, understanding and acceptance of who people with disabilities are, and what they bring to the church community. Volunteers are trained to connect with a person with a disability with the view of having regular social contact.
Member Details: Volunteers are invited.
Additional Details: It is expected that volunteers would have contact approximately every 6 weeks. Contact may involve home visits for a cup of tea or short outings with the person with the disability, subject to safety guidelines.
Contact: Katherine Brandon :: 4464 1897 (Berry); Julie Ritchie  :: 4443 0848 (Bay & Basin)

Welcome Group

Description: The Welcome Group provides the opportunity for new parishioners to get to know fellow parishioners and to feel welcomed. A form entitled 'Welcome!' or 'Would you like to let us know you have arrived?' is available at each Church within the parish or at the Parish Office.  This form enables new arrivals to indicate that they would like to be contacted by an existing member of the Church community.  If a new parishioner ticks the relevant box they will be contacted within a week or two by someone from the Welcome Group.
Member Details: Volunteers are invited; they are required to make one home visit per new arrival in their local area.
Contact: Cath Elton :: Ph 4422 1784.

Shoalhaven Nursing Home Mass Transport Assistance

Description: Residents of Shoalhaven Nursing Home are assisted to attend Sunday mass. Volunteers push wheelchairs and support walking residents to the neighbouring Sacred Heart Church Bomaderry.
Member Details: Volunteers are invited.
Contact: Pixie Bagnall :: Ph 4421 6523.

Rosary Bead Makers

Description: Members of the group string rosary beads which are distributed throughout the world, for example, to missions, hospitals, aged care homes, and schools.
Meetings: Are held in the homes of group members (Shoalhaven Heads region).
Member Details: New members are encouraged.
Contact: Ann Barron :: Ph 4234 2704.

Catholic Women’s League

Description: The Catholic Women’s League fosters the spiritual, cultural, intellectual and social development of women. It fosters and gives support to the poor, the aged, families, the bereaved, people with disability, social justice issues, Christian marriage and single life, vocations to the priesthood and religious life. It promotes ecumenism and interface dialogue.

Bay and Basin CWL

Meetings: First Thursday of month at 12 noon.

Member Details: Women of all ages are invited to participate.

Additional Details: Lunch is followed by a meeting.

Contact: Moya:: Ph 4443 9698.

Nowra CWL

Meetings: Second Tuesday of month at 10am in the Polding Room, Parish  Centre, Nowra

Member Details: Women of all ages are invited to participate.


Mother Ruth Scholarship Fund

Description: Students of year six, St Michael’sSchool, are invited to apply for this annual scholarship. It is awarded in honour of a previous much loved principal of St Michael’s School. Information is provided to students and families through a school newsletter. Selection criteria include academic achievement, attitude,social skill, and income level.
Meetings: Annually.
Member Details: Committee members by invitation.
Contact: St Michael’s School :: Ph 4421 3630.

Soup Kitchen

Co-ordinated by the Lay Missionaries of Charity, with support of Parish volunteers, the soup kitchen offers a 3 course meal at "The Annex" (in the carpark between St Vincent de Paul and the School Of Arts, Berry St Nowra) each Friday.
Contacts: Shannon Chittick 44470990 or Sue Hill 4447 3197.