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Catholic Diocese of Wollongong serving the people of God in the Illawarra, Macarthur, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands regions of NSW
  • Full Time Position Available – Diocesan Communications Officer – Graphic Design


    This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Graphic Designer looking to push themselves beyond their creative limit.

    The Diocesan Communications Officer – Graphic Design role is a full-time position commencing January 2015. The purpose of the role is to assist Bishop Peter Ingham and the Diocesan Communications Team in its support of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan by communicating its mission of evangelisation, particularly in the area of new evangelisation.

    The role serves and supports the Office of the Bishop and parishes as well as providing some services to other agencies and organisations in the Diocese. Although the role has a predominantly graphic design focus, it is broader in scope and requires a dynamic applicant who is looking for a challenge and a willingness to broaden their skill base and knowledge within communications. The role has the following main areas of focus:

    1. Providing creative direction and graphic design support for all print and digital diocesan publications, events, websites, branding and collateral
    2. Assisting with the development and management of a new diocesan website and parish website project
    3. Providing audio, photography and videography support services
    4. Assisting with the management of social media content
    5. Assisting with the development of a communications strategy

    To apply for this exciting opportunity, download the full position description and send your application to Mary Hiscox at mary [DOT] hiscox [AT] dow [DOT] org [DOT] au by COB Friday 28 November 2014. Applications must specify residency or work visa status, include a CV/Portfolio and a cover letter which addresses the Selection Criteria. For further information contact the Diocesan Communications Coordinator, Daniel Hopper on 4222 2461 or daniel [DOT] hopper [AT] dow [DOT] org [DOT] au.

  • Bishop Peter Ingham takes up Pope Francis’ call in South West Sydney as new evangelising ministry is announced

    Taking inspiration from Pope Francis’ call for the Catholic Church to reach out in new and radical ways, Bishop Peter Ingham has announced a bold initiative in South West Sydney (part of the Diocese of Wollongong), to reach out to those in the community who are disconnected from church and faith, with a particular focus on Catholics who have stopped attending Church.

    Over recent months, Bishop Ingham has been negotiating with Mr Bruce Downes from The Catholic Guy Impact Communities (TCGIC) to establish an evangelising initiative in South West Sydney to engage adults, young people and children who are disconnected from the Church, in a style that is vibrant and contemporary, including weekly prayer and worship events as well as formation and hospitality that aims to make faith relevant to everyday life and draw people into their parish communities. It will also include such activities as kids’ holiday programs, youth events and outreach to school communities.

    Bishop Ingham said, “This is an exciting venture for us. Pope Francis is fast becoming a hero of mine. He is challenging us to abandon the complacent attitude that says: ‘We have always done it this way’ and he has implored us to be bold and creative in the task of rethinking the style and methods of evangelisation in our communities.

    “And while The Catholic Guy Impact Communities will not replace a parish community, especially its sacramental life, it is indeed revolutionary within the Catholic Church as a model for outreach and reengagement that aims to draw people into life with Jesus Christ and his Church. My hope is that it will be the first of many such initiatives in dioceses throughout Australia and the rest of the Catholic world.”

    Mr Downes is known throughout Australia as “The Catholic Guy” thanks to his widely successful television program that screens multiple times weekly on the Australian Christian Channel on the Foxtel network. Mr Downes established TCGIC to reach out to those who do not connect with the Church, to present the Church and the Gospel in ways that are relatable to today’s world.

    Whilst having been offered invitations to establish this ministry in a number of key dioceses in Australia, Mr Downes has recognised the great missionary potential of establishing TCGIC in South West Sydney, the growth centre of Australia. Mr Downes said, “It has already been an amazing journey so far with Bishop Ingham in the way everything has fallen into place. It’s only the beginning and we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are a group of people who are passionate about finding ways to reach others and proclaim God so that their lives would be changed by God’s personal love for them. Many people who attend our events are still on their individual faith journeys back to regular church attendance.”

    Bishop Ingham and Mr Downes approached the Board of the Campbelltown Catholic Club to partner with them in supporting the initiative for a period of three years and they responded with enthusiasm and generosity, including financial support and use of the Catholic Club venue. Chairman of the Catholic Club, Mr David Olsson said, “The Club is pleased to sponsor such an exciting and innovative initiative. We welcome the Catholic Guy and his team and look forward to a successful and rewarding engagement with the community.”

    TCGIC is on schedule to commence its ministry in the Diocese of Wollongong on 8 March 2015.

    For more information contact The Catholic Guy Ministries on 1300 734 880 or email info [AT] thecatholicguy [DOT] com

  • CatholicCare wins National Award


    The Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) Annual Awards were presented on Tuesday October 21 at Parliament House, Canberra, with CatholicCare awarded one of the major prizes.

    My Kids and Me won the Norma Parker Award for the Most Innovative Program.

    My Kids and Me is a unique seven–week program, developed and delivered by CatholicCare Sydney and CatholicCare Wollongong, offering therapeutic and educational assistance to parents whose children have been removed and placed in out-of-home care. It aims to improve parents’ relationships with their children, their children’s carers and relevant government and other workers.

    Parents whose children are in foster care are frequently advised to go to parenting courses. According to Michael Austin, Director of CatholicCare Wollongong, such courses are not tailored to the particular needs of these parents.

    "Generally speaking, parenting courses are designed to assist parents gain new practical
    skills and then they are encouraged to go home and practice any new strategies they have learnt with their kids", he said. 

    "These courses are not suitable for parents who have had their children removed from their care. So we designed this program to give participants an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and make positive changes in their lives", he continued.

    The group allows parents to share, in a non-judgemental setting, the experience of having their child removed, understand the possible reasons why they were removed, and to come to terms with the real possibly that restoration may not be an option.

    Judges for the award commented that My Kids and Me is addressing a very significant need in the community because "not only does it work with the parents to acknowledge the loss of this particular child, but it assists them in recognising changes that may need to be made in their parenting of future children".

    The CSSA Awards are held each year, and exist to recognise and promote the work of
    CSSA member organisations and of individuals working in the broader social services

  • Wollongong Special Religious Education teacher receives award of excellence from Education Minister

    Education Minister Adrian Piccoli and other NSW politicians joined with representatives from Christian and other faiths at Parliament House yesterday (23 October), to mark the contribution Special Religious Education (SRE) makes to the Public Education system. Mr Piccoli presented awards to 13 outstanding SRE teachers for their excellence, innovation and creativity in the way they deliver SRE to students across NSW.

    One of the recipients, Mr Peter Gilmore, works as a Faith Education Officer for the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong. Mr Gilmore has over the last 3 years developed a Smartboard curriculum comprising over 1,200 lesson elements allowing SRE teachers to use a thumbdrive to access, songs, animations, pictures, readings and student activities. Further, Mr Gilmore has developed the Online Training framework for the Catholic Church to use across NSW that includes all of the key units required for formation in Classroom Management, Child Protection, Lesson Planning and Personal Formation as required by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and the NSW Catholic Bishops.

    In his role as guest speaker, Mr Piccoli said he fully supported the place of SRE in the public education system.

    “I congratulate all the award recipients for the creativity and innovation that they have shown in their work with students and teachers. SRE teachers play an important role in providing support to our students and I commend them for the important work they do in our schools.” Mr Piccoli said.

    Also supporting the event was the Shadow Minister of Education and Member for Keira, Ryan Park, who said SRE was a “vital choice for parents, one that I fully support in our multicultural multi-faith society.”

    He said faith groups invested considerable resources in the delivery of SRE in Public Schools and commended approved providers for their dedication to ensuring the quality delivery of SRE in NSW.

    Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Bishop Peter A. Comensoli, speaking on behalf of the Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (ICCOREIS), said the event reaffirmed for him what an incredible contribution the major faiths all made to Public Education.

    “The celebration of SRE at Parliament House reaffirms the incredible contribution the major faiths make to public education. It was a privilege to join with leaders from the various Christian churches and other faiths to recognise and celebrate how SRE provides quality formation in the faith of families.

    “SRE is a choice that very many parents across NSW want as an integral dimension to their children's education. The implementation of SRE in NSW is an exemplar for other systems to emulate. It is a model which promotes competent formation in a context of diversity, reflecting our multicultural and multi-faith country,” he said.

  • Triple celebration for one family at this year’s Marriage Anniversaries Mass in Wollongong

    Bishop Peter Ingham’s annual Marriage Anniversaries Mass this Sunday will be a triple celebration for the Weston family with parents, Ron and Alice, celebrating 60years of marriage, while two of their children will be celebrating their 40th (Rhonda and Mark Breeze) and 25th (Leanne and Christopher Wilson) wedding anniversaries.

    The Weston family, along with 78 other couples, have clocked up a staggering 3,583 years of married life: 21 couples are celebrating 25 years of marriage; 16 couples celebrating 40 years of marriage; 24 couples celebrating 50 years of marriage; 15 couples celebrating 60 years of marriage, a further four couples celebrating 61, 62, 64 and 65 years, and one couple celebrating the healthy milestone of 66 years of marriage.

    Alice, who met Ron at a New Year’s Eve dance back in 1952, credits her mother as the greatest role model in her life. Alice said, “My mother mentored my sister and I wonderfully. She had a very strong faith and instilled in us a core belief of having respect for ourselves and others. She paved the way for us in our marriages.”

    Not surprisingly, Rhonda and Leanne credit Alice and Ron as role models for their marriages. Rhonda met Mark at a Young Christian Workers (YCW) youth group at the Wollongong Cathedral over 40 years ago and they attended the first ever pre-marriage course run by CatholicCare (formerly Centacare). Her younger sister, Leanne, met Chris over 25 years ago at an Antioch youth group. Leanne said, “I think that the things we learn from our faith – Christian values such as compassion for others, respect and fairness have been an integral part of shaping our behaviour and have supported us through our marriage.”

    When asked about the secret to staying together, Alice and Ron said, “It is important to be tolerant and accept each other for who we are. Everyone changes. When you marry, you are still growing as a person, so as you develop and change, being patient with each other is important.” Rhonda and Mark cited the importance of laughter and communication. Leanne and Chris agreed, saying, “The secret for us has been spending time talking with each other about the things that we value.”

    And what advice would they give couples starting out on the marriage journey today? Rhonda and Mark had a simple reply, “Don't bail at the first problem!” Leanne and Chris’ advice was particularly pertinent for couples in today’s modern world, “Make sure you put down the technology and spend time doing things together that you value. We work in the Marriage Relationship Team at CatholicCare so we would also recommend you attend a course to spend time together in the busy run-up to your wedding talking about your marriage.”

    During the Mass, Bishop Peter Ingham will invite each couple to renew their marriage vows and each couple will receive a commemorative candle.

    Bishop Ingham said of the annual event, “I love the Marriage Anniversaries Mass. It is an inspirational and powerful witness to the love and faithfulness displayed by these couples, enduring even through the tough times. This is something Pope Francis touched on in his General Audience on 2 April this year when he said, ‘It is true that there are so many difficulties in married life, so many, when there is insufficient work or money, when the children have problems. So much to contend with. And many times the husband and wife become a little fractious and argue between themselves… Yet we must not become saddened by this, this is the human condition. The secret is that love is stronger than the moment when there is arguing, and therefore I always advise spouses: do not let a day when you have argued end without making peace. Always! And to make peace it isn’t necessary to call the United Nations to come to the house and make peace. A little gesture is sufficient, a caress, and then let it be! Until tomorrow! And tomorrow begin again.’”

    Bishop Ingham, while affirming the value of marriage, also expressed his admiration for single parent families and those providing guardianship and foster care for children as well as those married couples unable to have children. Bishop Ingham said, “There are many challenges facing marriages and families today. I am particularly humbled by the sacrifices of love which single parents make for their children, and the generosity of couples and families in the work they do in the wider community.”

    The CatholicCare Marriage and Relationship Education program runs Prepare and Partnership courses for couples getting married. Prepare provides couples with the opportunities to explore what they want out of their relationship, build on strengths and gain awareness of some potential problem areas. Partnership helps couples prepare for marriage and work-through issues before marriage. Both programs cover such topics as expectations of marriage, family of origin, communication, managing conflict, spirituality, sexuality and intimacy. Visit for more information.

    The Marriage Anniversaries Mass will be held this Sunday 21 September at 2.00pm at St John Vianney’s Co-Cathedral, Fairy Meadow (Cabbage Tree Lane). Everyone is warmly invited to attend.

  • Redeem - Daily Advent and Christmas Reflections 2014

    We are delighted to announce that the Diocese of Wollongong is now taking orders for Redeem – Daily Advent and Christmas Reflections 2014 at the low price of $3.00 per copy.

    Continuing the tradition from past years, Redeem contains short daily reflections from the beginning of Advent (30 November 2014) through to the Epiphany (4 January 2015) primarily for personal use, but also appropriate for group use such as parish, Church agency, religious community and school staff/class prayer. Also, many people buy bulk copies of the book for family and friends as an alternative to Christmas cards.

    These spiritually rich, yet accessible, daily reflections have been written by six clergy and religious from the Diocese of Wollongong:

    • Dean Ron Peters Adm (Lumen Christi Catholic Parishes, Wollongong)
    • Fr Bede North Adm MSC (Holy Cross Parish, Helensburgh)
    • Fr Richard Healey (St Paul’s Parish, Camden)
    • Sr Sue Barker SGS (St Michael’s Parish, Nowra)
    • Fr Duane Fernandez (St Michael’s Parish, Nowra)
    • Sr Hilda Scott OSB (Benedictine Abbey, Jamberoo)

    Redeem also features beautiful religious artworks from our rich Catholic history with enlightening “artwork spotlight” descriptions written by Fr Graham Schmitzer PP (Corrimal).

    Redeem costs only $3.00 (Inc GST) plus postage and handling. Order now by downloading an order form below and email/fax/mail to Jennifer Raposio at:

    E orders [AT] dow [DOT] org [DOT] au
    F (02) 4222 2417
    PO Box 1239, Wollongong NSW Australia 2500

    or contact Jennifer directly on (02) 4222 2411 to place a phone order. Delivery of the books is expected from the first week of November onwards.

    Please note, if you live in the Diocese of Wollongong, please check with your parish, school, agency or religious order before ordering as they may be ordering copies on your behalf. If you live outside Australia and would like to order Redeem, please contact Jennifer before completing the order form so that we can advise you of the postage and handling costs.

  • National Child Protection Week (7-13 September 2014)

    For over 20 years the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) has been running an annual National Child Protection Week campaign developing multimedia, visual and text resources to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of primary prevention to reduce child abuse and neglect in Australia. 

    The 2014 Child Protection Week campaign stresses the importance of primary prevention to reduce child abuse and neglect in Australia with the theme: “Protecting Children is Everybody’s Business – Play Your Part.”

    As the Catholic Church, we will continue to play our part in creating safe and supportive environments where children are free from harm. Bishop Peter Ingham has asked all parishes, schools and agencies to participate in Child Protection Week by raising awareness of the primary preventative measures available especially for parents to help them listen to and speak with their children in order to help keep them safe from harm.

    NAPCAN has produced a series of excellent brochures for parents/guardians:

    1. NAPCAN Brochure - Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Abuse

    2. NAPCAN Brochure - Listening to Children

    3. NAPCAN Brochure - Listening to Young People

    4. NAPCAN Brochure - 30 Ways to Boost a Child's Confidence

    5. ACMA Brochure - Parents Guide to Online Safety  

    NAPCAN have also produced a number of Child Protection Week Posters that can be downloaded at

    For more information visit

  • Journey Magazine Spring 2014 Out Now!

    Click the image below to read the Journey Magazine Spring 2014 Edition

  • Family & Children's Ministry Conference - REGISTER NOW!

    How do we share the joy of the Gospel with children and families, either in the classroom or through parish programs and initiatives?

    This two day conference is for teachers, catechists and all those who minister with children and families. It will explore the many and varied ways in which we can enliven our ministry and more effectively share the Good news with children and families.

    Both days will feature input from Dr Aoife McGrath along with a variety of workshop streams highlighting specific ministry areas. The first day (Friday) is aimed more at teachers and catechists who minister to children in the classroom environment.


    Conference Details

    FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER 2014 (9.30am-3.30pm) - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Retreat Centre (247 St Andrews Road, Varroville NSW) Click here for map to venue.

    SATURDAY 11 OCTOBER 2014 (9.30am-3.30pm) - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (193 St Andrews Road, Varroville NSW) Click here for a map to venue.


    Conference Program (Both Days)

    9:00am - 9:30am          Gather & Welcome

    9:30am - 10:30am      Keynote Address - Dr Aoife McGrath

    10:30am - 10:50am      Morning Tea

    10:50am - 11:10am      Keynote Responses

    11:15am - 12:15pm    Workshops Round 1

    12:20pm - 12:50pm       Lunch

    12:55pm - 2:00pm      Workshops Round 2

    2:05pm - 3:05pm        Workshops Round 3

    3:10pm - 3:30pm           Summary & Close

    Click here to download the program.


    Keynote Speaker - Dr Aoife McGrath

    The keynote addresses for both days will take a closer look at what Pope Francis has called “the art of accompaniment” (Evangelii Gaudium 169-173) and what this means for sharing the Gospel within the context of ministry with families and children.



    Dianne Burn
    Children and young people can and love to meditate. In this workshop we explore Jesus as a teacher of contemplation and how we can invite children into the stillness and silence it offers as a way of assisting them and you in the classroom.

    Michael Mangan
    We all know that children love music! In this interactive session, Michael will share pieces from his extensive repertoire which are ideal for the Religious Education classroom and sure to engage K-6 students.

    Anne Frawley-Mangan
    Join Anne in discovering ways of using drama in the classroom, with a particular focus on the religious imagination. In this fun, non-threatening and interactive workshop you will learn skills and techniques which will confirm that drama and Religious Education are indeed a match made in heaven!

    Meredith Lemos
    Meredith will briefly describe the aims and objectives of the Family Educator Project, share and give practical suggestions on effective initiatives strengthening parish/school/family relationships as opportunities to connect/reconnect parents back to their personal faith and the faith life of the school and parish.

    Paul Mason
    These two sessions uncover the meaning and rationale of celebrating a separate children’s Liturgy of the Word. We overview the celebration, exploring its nature as both proclamation and celebration as well as its ritual structure. We consider the participants and ministers involved and explore some practical issues and suggested resources.
    * Children's Liturgy Ministers are advised to select this workshop for "Saturday - Workshop Round 2 and 3" 

    Michael Mangan & Anne Frawley-Mangan
    Vibrant music is the perfect way to engage children, at their level, in full, conscious and active participation in school and parish liturgical celebrations. Come along ready to sing, move and have fun as Michael & Anne share songs which can help make your celebrations more child friendly.
    ** Children's Liturgy Ministers are advised to select this workshop for "Saturday - Workshop Round 1"

    Darren McDowell
    Do you have enough resources to assist in initiating children of catechetical age into the life of your community? In this workshop we will explore some of the new resources available to assist RCIC teams in supporting and nurturing children on their journey towards baptism and becoming full members of the faith community.

    Rebecca Miller
    A range of resources that aim to assist parishes to engage and welcome families and build family faith will be presented. A focus of the workshop will be how we can bridge the gap between our parish and school communities. Discussion and questions will be encouraged!

    Sr Sue Barker
    How do we prepare children aged
    3-8 years of age? It is a prime opportunity for some family evangelization? While such children are too young for the RCIC, these families need support, guidance and resources. This workshop presents a process which a member of a Baptism team might use.

    Patricia Mowbray
    Many parishes ask “What can we do for….?” This workshop will assist parishes appreciate that different questions are required. Let’s ask: How is this parish community liberating for all members? How does everyone contribute? How do we build relationships in this community? How can we learn about the experience of people with disability? This workshop will assist you in developing answers to these questions.

    Click here to download keynote and workshop descriptions.



    You can register for a Single Day Pass for $20 ($18.18 for Catholic GST Religious Groups eg, parishes, schools and agencies) or register for the Full Conference for $30 ($27.27 for Catholic GST Religious Groups). Registration includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

    The conference is using the TryBooking online registration system. Payment is by Visa or Mastercard. In addition to the registration fee there is a TryBooking fee of 30 cents per ticket. You will also be asked to select your Workshop preferences during the registration process. If you would prefer to download a paper registration form to complete and mail/fax/email to us, please click here to download the paper registration form. Otherwise, click the below button register online:



    More Information

    If you have any questions, do not hesistate to contact:

    Darren McDowell
    Diocesan Faith Formation Coordinator
    P 02 4222 2463
    F 02 4222 2479
    E cfl [AT] dow [DOT] org [DOT] au



  • Positions Vacant - Youth Ministry Support, Casual Roles

    Our Diocesan Youth Office is seeking young, vibrant staff to work on a casual basis in a team environment assisting with youth ministry in the Diocese of Wollongong. Share your enthusiasm and experience in youth ministry, networking with like-minded people and support key youth ministry initiatives. Relevant experience and training in youth ministry is required and skills in areas such as drama, music, graphic design, event management and administration are preferred. Hours are flexible, from one day a week, and include occasional evening and weekend work. A driver’s licence is required.

    Resumes may be sent to richard [DOT] mcmahon [AT] dow [DOT] org [DOT] au and should include Working with Children Check number, and three referees, including your parish priest. The positions would suit university students studying for an appropriate degree or young people who are already working part-time or casual.

    Applications close on 31 July 2014. For enquiries, and full position description, please contact Richard McMahon on 0437 497 526.